Sviatoslav Richter Bibliography - Magazines

No. 66

No. 94
May 1995.
Contains: on pages 24 - 29, a review by M. Mora of the included disc (Philips 446 475), a brief article on Richter by G. Salvetti and an interview ( on pages 30 - 33 ) by M.R. Boccuni with V. Berlinsky on Richter .
September 1997.
Contains: on pages 25 - 34, a review by C. Delfrati of the included CD (Decca 455 976), articles on Brahms and Richter performing Brahms, by D. Spini and P. Luppi.

Audio and Record Review
March 1963 (vol. 2 no. 7) pp. 16 - 18.
A Richter discography by F. F. Clough and G. J. Cuming.
BBC Music Magazine
Piano Special Issue, 1997. An all-Richter cover CD with a listening guide by David Nice, a sidebar by Michael Church, and recordings reviewed by Jeremy Siepmann.

number 389, January 1993, has an article by André Tubeuf ("La diagonale du génie") and a discography by Francis Drésel.
number 440, September 1997, has an homage, "Souvenirs d'un géant."

fono forum
May 1963 (no. 5) p. 169.
A Richter discography by Gottfried Kraus.
High Fidelity
Paul Moor wrote (at least) two articles on Richter for High Fidelity Magazine. The first was in the October 1958 issue and was the first detailed description of Richter in the West. The second, in the October 1962 issue, describes the reunion of Richter with his mother as a result of Moor's detective work.
International Classical Record Collector
In the Winter 1996 issue, an article by Jed Distler, "Richter in Carnegie Hall" describes the 1960 Carnegie Hall recordings.
International Piano Quarterly
  • The first issue of this Gramophone publication, dated Autumn 1997, includes an article by David Fanning entitled "Death of an Icon."
    See also Meyer-Josten.
  • The Summer 1998 issue (No. 4) contains a review of the film Richter, l'insoumis directed by Bruno Monsaingeon, and an interview with Monsaingeon on the making of the film.

Istina i Zisn ("Truth and Life")

Issue no. 367, July 1999.

article by Elena Rachieva titled " Tam, gde zil Richter " or " There, where Richter did live",
pages 24 - 37, includes several b/w pictures, mostly well known except the ones at pages 26-27, taken inside Richter's home.


October 1998, issue no. 10

The magazine has an article by Stefan Rieger on pages 10 - 14 and a brief discography on page 15.

The covermount CD includes two works played by Richter, Prokofiev: Visions fugitives op. 22 no. 14 and Sonatine pastorale op. 59 no. 3 - both from Memoria 991-011/12.

Le Monde de la Musique
September 1998, covermount CD was Philips CD 7239 .
Special piano issue, contains ( pages 4 - 15 ) excerpts from the book by Monsaingeon and an article by the Monsaingeon himself on making the film.

Issue no. 26, October 1982,
contains an interview with Richter by U. Masini (pages 254 - 263), the Richter repertoire 1934 - 1982 (pages 264 - 267), an article by P. Rattalino on Richter (pages 268 - 275), the article by Neuhaus on SR (page 276), and a discography by U. Masini (pages 278 - 286).
Issue no. 52, Oct. - Nov. 1988,
has Richter on the cover and contains (pages 26 - 67) the article by Richter on Prokofiev , the reviews and covers of all CDs, mostly by JVC, available at that time, and several photographs, both b/w and colour.
Issue no. 104, June - September 1997,
is dedicated to the memory of Richter. Pages 34 - 73 contain articles by U. Masini (editor of the magazine), L. Poli, J. Rainer, and P. Rattalino; several b/w and color pictures (some taken in Hamburg and in Italy), excerpts from obituaries from Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, and American magazines and newspapers.

July-August 1963 (vol. 4 no. 2) p. 85.
A Richter discography.
Piano & Keyboard
  • Issue number 187, July/August 1997, includes a brief piece by Jacques Leiser, with photograph, on page 66.
  • Issue number 189, November/December 1997, has a section "Remembering Richter" with articles by Marina and Victor Ledin ("Richter, the Idol"), Jed Distler ("Richter on Record"), and Paul Moor ("Slava, the Russian") plus a brief discography.

Piano Time
Issue number 112, October 1992, pp. 12-17: interview, licensed from the French magazine " Le Monde de la Musique " by Eric Anther entitled "The King of Kings." Issue number 121, October 1993 - covermount CD PTC-3002 - pp. 14-17: article by the Italian musicologist and critic Piero Rattalino titled "Talent or tradition?" Issue number 159, September 1997, has a two page obituary of Richter "The poet of darkness."

Recorded Sound
Issue number 84, dated July 1983, has the discography by Falk Schwarz and John Berrie. It also includes a list of "Richter Performances in Archives" and a calendar.
Saturday Review
October 15, 1960; p. 66.
A Richter discography.

November 20, 1960
includes an article on Richter by Jan Holcman.
This article is included in Pianists on and off the Record by Holcman and Donald Manildi,
published by the University of Maryland, ISBN 0965523330 .


No. 73, April 1993; pp. 36 - 50.

Three articles:
"Sviatoslav Richter the pianist," by Rafael Ortega Basagoiti (plus a selected discography);
"Unrepeatable Richter," also by Basagoiti;
and an interview with Richter by Umberto Masini (the same as in issue no. 26 of the Italian magazine Musica - in this case appositely translated from Italian to Spanish).


No. 78

No. 88
October 1997, covermount CD was Ermitage ERM 422.
Issue entirely devoted to Richter. Contains notes by Glenn Gould on Richter, (an excerpt from one of his books), an article by Lazar Berman, a discography by C. Pedrazzini, and various b/w and colour photos.

Cover photo by G. Proust.
Covermount CD, Aura AUR 406

The entire issue is devoted to Richter. It includes two articles by Piero Rattalino and a discography by Claudio Pedrazzini.

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