Sviatoslav Richter Bibliography
published by Soshisha. Tokyo, 2003.
hardcover, 254 pages. price: 1900 yen.
ISBN 4-7942-1248-8

"On the dust cover, the Russian title and the name of the author is printed in cyrillic, which reads when romanized 'Ya s Rikhterom. Midori Kavashima', but the book is in the Japanese language only.

"Kawashima had been the maestro's official interpreter (translator between Russian and Japanese languages) and travel companion in all his tours in Japan from 1970 to 1995, and she also accompanied many of his west European tours abroad beside being a frequent visitor and guest to Tours and Moscow. She has worked with people like Nikita Mikharkov and Evgeny Mravinsky as well.

"The book is based on Kawashima's diary begun during one of the maestro's visits to Japan and includes nealy fifty photographs."

- Yasuhiko Mori, Kokubunji, Tokyo, Japan

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