JAPO Records Discography
JAPO 60010
Enrico Rava
"Quotation Marks"
Enrico Rava: trumpet
Jeanne Lee: vocal
John Abercrombie: guitar
David Horowitz: piano / synthesizer
Herb Bushler: bass
Ray Armando: percussion
Jack DeJohnette: drums
Warren Smith: marimba / percussion
Enrico Rava: trumpet
Finito Bingert: tenor sax / flute / percussion
Rodolfo Mederos: bandoneon
Ricardo Lew: guitar
Matias Pizarro: piano
El Negro: bass
Nestor Astarita: drums
El Chino: percussion
Recorded December 1973 at Blue Rock Studios, New York / April 1974 at Audion Studio, Buenos Aires
Released on CD in Japan as UCCE-9071

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