ECM Records Discography - Alternate Covers

Some ECM releases have appeared with more than one cover. Here is a list with descriptions of the variations.

ECM 1001 Mal Waldron: Free At Last
ECM 1004 Marion Brown: Afternoon of a Georgia Faun

The LP cover is by Dieter Henkel.

ECM 1009 A.R.C.

The 1977 Polydor LP released in the US has a photo by Lajos Keresztes, with layout credited to Basil Pao, AGI.

This design was used for the original German LP release and for the CD.

ECM 1016 Terje Rypdal

The original LP cover has only the name of the artist.

The CD cover has added the names of the other performers.

ECM 1020 Chick Corea: Piano Improvisations, vol. 2

The Polydor LP released in the US has Chick Corea's name in red on a black background.

The German LP and CD releases are green on white.

ECM 1021 Keith Jarrett and Jack DeJohnette: Ruta and Daitya

The US (Polydor) LP has a drawing by Leena Westerlund, with layout by B & B Wojirsch. The back cover of some copies is die-cut for a fold-out stand.

ECM 1043 Bennie Maupin: The Jewel in the Lotus

The original LP had a picture of the artist on the cover.

ECM 1046 Dave Liebman: Drum Ode

The original LP had an abstract image on the cover.

The CD reissue has just the names of the performers.

ECM 1048 Paul Motian: Tribute

The LP cover is an out-of-focus crowd scene.

The new cover has a close-up of Paul Motian that was originally on the back cover of the LP.

ECM 1049 Keith Jarrett: Luminessence

The German LP cover (left) has grey text on a white background. Some of the cover text is embossed with no color. The Polygram LP has the same elements in a different layout. A similar cover (right) was used for the CD.

The current cover has white and grey text on a dark background.

ECM 1071 Tomasz Stanko: Balladyna

The LP cover has a landscape photograph by Rainer Kiedrowski, with layout by Dieter Bonhorst.

ECM 1120 Bill Connors: Of Mist and Melting

The LP cover is a photo by Daniel Lienhard, with layout by B. Wojirsch.

ECM 1121 Ralph Towner: Batik

The LP cover is by Armin Lambert.

ECM 1179 Bengt Berger Band: Bitter Funeral Beer

The LP cover has the names of all band members.

ECM 1239 Denny Zeitlin / Charlie Haden: Time Remembers One Time Once

The LP cover was designed by Barbara Wojirsch.

ECM 1241 Bill Frisell: In Line

The LP cover is by Maja Weber.

ECM 1292 Dave Holland Quintet: Seeds of Time
ECM 1478 John Surman / John Warren: The Brass Project

The original cover was designed by Barbara Wojirsch.

The alternate cover is also by Wojirsch.


Thanks to Jim Chiarelli, Will Haight, and Andy Chertow for this information.

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